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Welcome to the ListChannel.Com Directory of Email Publications. This free directory is designed to serve the needs of email publishers, subscribers and advertisers.

Our directory is open to all email publishers and publications that meet our minimum standards of acceptability. Inclusion in this directory does not imply any type of endorsement of the publication by Sling Shot Media LLC or its subsidiaries. Certain features and benefits of this directory are restricted to ListChannel.Com list hosting customers.

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Academic Lists (23)
Lists for academia. For teachers and students. Special studies and issues.
Active Life Lists (41)
Active life email list for sports, fitness, exercise and outdoor enthusiasts of camping, fishing, hiking and boating.
All About Biz (509)
Business email lists on business management, marketing, advertising, and promotion. Information for corporations, small businesses, home businesses, and professionals.
All About Money (172)
It's all about money. What you need to know about finance, accounting, stocks, investments, insurance, taxes and real estate.
Alumni Lists (0)
Connect with your alma mater and friends from pre-school to graduate school. Get news from your college, university or tech school.
Bargain Lists (5)
Looking for a bargain? Have a bargain to share? This is the place to get the low down on the low down goodies.
Boutique Lists (15)
Shop till you drop by email. Bargains and coupons. Rebates and recalls. Specialty shops and boutiques for retail and wholesale.
Career Lists (60)
Information for employees, managers, and recruiters on career training, placement and promotion.
Cartoon Lists (4)
Tickle your funny bone, laugh out load or roll on the floor laughing your head off with these electronic funnies.
Crafter lists (13)
Lists for and about crafts. Whether you're a craft hobbyist or professional crafter, here is your list home for homemade crafts
Destination Lists (180)
Travel, vacation and tourist information on cities, states and countries.
Entertainment Lists (109)
Looking to entertain or be entertained, here is the place for entertainment lists.
Fan Lists (4)
Have a favorite band, singer, performer, team or personality? Find them here and join other fans.
Grown Up World (30)
Resources for mature adults and information on parenting, relationships, and being grown up.
Guide Lists (35)
Where to go for who, what, when, where, and why to information.
Internet Nugget (121)
Internet information, tools and resources including new and interesting sites, data and research.
Jock Lists (8)
Jock talk of all sorts. Athletes and athletics. For sport participants and spectators.
Mommy Lists (86)
Because Mom's are special, here is a special place just for Mom's.
My Home Lists (49)
In, about and around your home information on gardening, repairs, remodeling, design, building and improvement.
Non Profit Organizations (20)
A good place to find information from non profit organizations and doing good things.
Our Auctions (6)
Buying, selling, or finding bargains, antiques, collectibles in auctions.
Paid Subscription (2)
Newsletters and discussion lists that have a fee. This is a temporary category for ALL types of paid lists.
RSS Feeds (10)
Fed up with trying to find the newsletters you want to read amongst all the spam? RSS Feeds can deliver news straight to your desktop.
Support Lists (28)
We all want and need a little support once and awhile. From tech support to emotional support, get your support here.
Techno Lists (26)
Technical support, information and resources on computers, software, hardware and systems
Tip Lists (94)new
Get a tip, give a tip. Quick how to information on a variety of topics
Uncategorized Lists (107)new
Some of the best email publications just don't fit neatly into categories.
Web Design Lists (36)
Web design for novice or expert. The latest and greatest or tried and true. Everything on Web Design is here is for you.
Wellness Lists (200)
Get well and stay well with health, nutrition, treatment and healing information and resources


We hope you enjoy this resource and take advantage of some of the unique features to be found here. In particular we invite you to add your email publication, recommend categories or publications to others, rate and review publications, and sign up for email alerts for notices when new listings are added.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this directory, please contact the Directory Administrator.

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